Our consultants have worked at the coalface so they are able to bring great insight, experience and practical know-how to Opes clients.


Our mantra to clients is just to use us as you need us and that applies to training just as much as it does to project and development. So again our work can encompass everything from on-going global programmes across four continents to a series of ‘train the trainer’ sessions to one-on-one inductions. We’re there to get new users up and running, keep existing users up to speed, embed best training practice into the fabric of firms, and continually evaluate and refine the way firms, teams and individuals work. 

Because our consultants have worked at the coalface themselves and have delivered training and reviewed process in a wide range of law firms, they bring great insight, experience and practical know-how to Opes clients. It’s this learning and wisdom that is so readily shared that can help Elite users get the most out of their systems and return so much benefit back to the practice.

Our training assignments largely fall into the following broad categories:

New user training – On a scale and in a timeframe to suit clients, can be delivered on site, off-site and online

Refresher training – Can be extremely broad or very specific, with multiple delivery channels, from classroom to screencasts, webinars to video conferencing

Global projects  – For large international clients, training requirements are invariably ongoing, and we have the resources to support tailored rolling programmes around the world 

Process reviews – Just because it’s the way you’ve always done it, doesn’t make it the best way. Opes can unlock better, sharper, brighter ways of working and extracting even more value from your Elite assets.


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