Projects Term Report - Autumn 2017

Lynn White provides an update on current projects:

We’re seeing some real heat in the 3E space, with a number of mergers and a slew of migrations from Enterprise and, indeed, other PMSs. We’re also doing a fair amount of consulting for 3E clients who are opening offices in Europe. Plus there’s a growing body of 3E related smaller project work including workflow integrations and EDG Bill templates.

Aside from a steady take up of our data cleansing service, the other growth area of note is our Intapp consultancy, testing and training.
The Enterprise market, of course, continues to be busy with law firm mergers requiring data conversions.  As soon as the CMS Nabarro Olswang project was put to bed, it was time to crack on with two more very sizeable undertakings, with a third on the horizon, all with very aggressive timelines. No surprise there!
And no surprise about Enterprise’s enduring popularity either. With the release last September of version 3.11 - the best way of extending Enterprise shelf life to the max - there is a queue of firms on version 3.9 and earlier ready to upgrade.  We have had a number go live already, have a few in progress and some others kicking off their projects ready to go live over the winter.  
Elsewhere we continue to have a number of other projects from both long-term loyal clients and new clients requiring assistance with small one-off tasks and to provide support at key times eg. year-ends and infrastructure changes.  These projects range from balancing assistance and training, system configuration changes, and general process improvement/automation and training projects.  As the availability of experienced Enterprise people reduces in the market, we are seeing an increased demand for requests for these types of projects as firms no longer have the knowledge in-house to carry out system changes or fix long-term issues.

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