Opes open for business with Thomson Snell & Passmore win

Intapp Certified Services Partner Opes Consulting has announced another major win for its specialist Intapp team. It has been appointed by Thomson Snell & Passmore, the oldest law firm in the world, to implement Intapp Open as an enhanced platform for the firm's new business intake processes as it transitions to Elite 3E Express. The PMS and Open projects will run side-by-side with the Intapp element scheduled to be completed within 12 months.

Although Opes's core business is based around Elite systems, including Envision and Enterprise as well as 3E, it is seeing a steady increase in demand for implementation and development work around the Intapp suite, most notably with Open and Flow.

Opes founder and director Kevin Smith commented: "While not directly involved in the PMS migration, our extensive experience and knowledge of the Elite environments have huge value when working on any application that interfaces with those particular financial systems and advising any firm that needs to interact with both effectively. It's seeing the whole picture basically, and Thomson Snell & Passmore will be able to leverage both that holistic view as well as our proven coal-face capabilities in rolling out the Open solution.

What should encourage any firm looking to upgrade its PMS, especially those in the Envision space who typically utilise that system's NBI functionality, is that there is a clear route through to a better, richer platform and one, moreover, that allows us to deliver enablement and efficiency but with simplicity and speed to the end user."

Intapp Open is a new business intake (NBI) application which has been adopted by more than 200 firms worldwide, designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of firm management, lawyers, risk staff and IT stakeholders.
With over 120 lawyers, Thomson Snell & Passmore offers a wide range of services to both private and commercial clients across 25 areas including wills, trusts and tax planning; property law; employment law; corporate transactions; dispute resolution; and many others. Lights-On Consulting assisted the firm with a thorough selection process for an NBI application, as part of a larger engagement to replace and upgrade its practice management system (PMS).


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