Who is Opes Consulting?
Opes is a legal technology consultancy specializing in the support of Elite systems and their users around the world. Over the past ten years we have forged a strong reputation in the market for our intelligent, pragmatic and measured delivery, based on an unrivalled knowledge of and exposure to the Elite product set. We currently number ten full time consultants, two graduate trainees and also have access to a pool of quality freelance talent.

What services do you offer?
If there is an Elite connection we’ll do it! But broadly speaking, our work falls into three often overlapping areas – projects, development and training, and we have expert resource aligned behind all three. Assignments are more or less even between Enterprise and 3E platforms, although the growth in the latter over the past 12 months has been significant. Installations, migrations and mergers involving 3E now dominate in the enterprise project space.

Do you only work for Elite customers?
We do at present but there is nothing preventing us from helping others in the future. Almost all of our work is based around Elite and its users but there is a wealth of technical application knowledge, financial system know-how and accounting process awareness resident in the team that could easily translate across into other solutions.

How do clients engage with Opes?
The choice is yours. We can be your total project team delivering end-to end, or we can be a small part of a big team tasked with specific deliverables. We can take on long-term interim roles, and work side by side with you; or we can be allocated a single task that we’ll happily complete from our desk. We can be contracted with direct, and we’re also quite used to working as a subcontractor to Elite on behalf of a client.

Any project too large or too small?
At the last count, our biggest project was an 18-month global roll-out of Elite 3E to 35 offices across five continents; our smallest an afternoon’s programming to deliver a clever little bit of code whose benefit was out of all proportion to the time taken! So no, we’re happy to explore all projects, regardless of size or indeed territory.

Do you have Design Gallery capability?
We believe that Opes is currently the largest resource outside of Elite in the US when it comes to template and report design. Elite in the UK passes us much of its own DG development work on behalf of clients and we are also working directly with users around the world. Our ground-breaking ‘Universal Book’ has set a new benchmark for Design Gallery, with its 100+ templates now able to be deployed across both Enterprise and 3E without any rework.

What differentiates you from other consultancies?
There are many good consultancies out there but few in the Elite space that can match Opes for system knowledge and coal-face experience. It gives us confidence in the answers we provide and projects we undertake – we know what works, and what doesn’t, because we’ve lived and breathed Elite for the past twenty years. We’re very plugged into the organisation as well, invariably working alongside Elite teams and always connected to the latest developments, thinking and strategy. It’s a focus that underpins our very dynamic, direct approach – we don’t just talk about solutions, we go off and design and deliver them too.

What else should we know about you?
That we genuinely love our work and are absolutely committed to delivering for clients – but bear no resemblance to those rather sober management consultant types. So expect personality, colour, enthusiasm, energy, maybe even the odd maverick moment of inspiration, but above all, expect to enjoy having us on board.

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