Our ethos is to help clients get the job done in a managed, measured way, with a hands-on ‘front seat’ approach

Opes was established in 2005 by former senior Elite employees Kevin Smith and Sue Emirali. Since then the two have developed one of the most widely respected legal technology consultancies in the UK, focusing primarily but not exclusively on Elite Enterprise and 3E platforms.

Today we have grown to 16 permanent consultants and nurtured a high-grade pool of freelance expertise, which all adds up to a real breath and depth of know-how and experience. A long-standing Elite partner, we enjoy a close and respectful relationship, often working side-by-side with Elite teams or sub-contracted by them to deliver specific projects.

In recent years, our work profile has also changed to reflect the emergence of the 3E platform. Major programmes are revolving around 3E migrations and integrations, although there is still a constant flow of projects from clients seeking to extract maximum value from their legacy systems.

We have also developed a degree of complementary expertise around the Intapp portfolio, undertaking work across the Time, Flow, Open, Wall Builder and Integration Builder applications.

But regardless of the size or the kudos of any commission, our ethos is the same with which we opened our doors back in 2005: to help clients get the job done in a managed, measured way, with a hands-on ‘front seat’ approach as opposed to always being the shouty ‘back seat’ driver.

All in all, we don’t think it takes too much to get the right results. Intelligent application of knowledge; judicious usage of experience; large doses of pragmatism; spirit and cheerfulness in our interactions and collaboration; and pride in one’s work and what can be achieved together.





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